Sunday, September 7, 2008

"The Top 10 SEO Tips For Website Success"

The title is taken from an article by Matt Bush on Ezine, and some parts of the content as well. Matt Bush knows a lot about various things, including SEO, Depression, Male Yeast Infection etc.

And below we find the 10 commandments of SEO, as he reckons they should be.

1. Do proper keyword research: This is invaluable! Make sure that before you build a site, you figure out exactly what kinds of keywords you will want to target.
2. Use header tags: This is a chance for you to tell the search engines what you consider to be the most important phrase on your website.
3. Use italics and underlining to further emphasize your keywords.
4. Use proper keyword usage: I try to use my main keyword about 2% of the time. Don't overdo it!
5. Have a smart navigation structure: Make it as easy as possible for the search engines to get around your site, have lots of internal links
6. Use contextual links: Do everything you can to streamline your visitors through your site, and push them towards your products.
7. Get as many high quality links as you can: This is incredibly important, links can
make the difference in a high ranking website.
8. Encourage visitor interaction: create some polls, reach for feedback, anything you can to involve your visitors.
9. Update content regularly: No one likes a stale site, keep it fresh
10. Branch out: not every venture is going to be incredibly profitable. Be sure to spread out your "eggs", and once you start making money, put more resources and time into making even more profit.

This is actually very good. However, I have reservations about number 3: You do NOT use underlining in your text to emphazise keywords or anything else. That is reserved for LINKS. Also, italics does not go well on webpages. If you want to emphazise keywords or sentences, use bold letters.

That has worked very well for me and Google rankings have improved to a great extent at "my" site since I started using bold for keywords - not whole sentences, as most often is done. And this has actually been copied at the copycat site, at A2 websolutions, that basically copies the concepts of the A8 site.